Chief Marketing Officer

Otovo is looking for a CMO to build the no.1 residential solar energy company in Europe.

  • Part of executive management in Otovo.

  • Direct a large marketing budget in an explosive, multi-country scale-up.

  • Recruit and mentor a top marketing team.

  • Impact energy use and the climate.

  • Combination of hands-on and strategic work.

  • Access to equity. Competitive package.

Otovo in brief

Otovo is setting out to be the number one solar energy company in Europe. We’re building a platform on which hundreds of renewable energy installers input their products, prices and coverage, helping installers succeed and using their skills to provide Otovo-branded standout services to people who want a solar energy system in their home. Customers get the best prices from local, high-quality installers who all adhere to the Otovo product standards and create the Otovo experience.


We’re looking for a CMO to take responsibility for:

  • Brand development and policy - create and enforce
    Our brand is well liked and net promoter scores from consumers are sky high. But our brand strategy is under developed and could do with your wise guidance. We connect with consumers through ads, online and in the physical world - but those experiences are not well connected and thought through today: You can improve that! Also, we have 200 installer companies with which we interact every day, and who represent us to consumers across Europe. That’s a fantastic resource we aren’t using in any meaningful way in marketing. 

  • Search engine optimization - establish, share and grow
    Our SEO game is very strong in France, and non-existent in Scandinavia and Spain. You will help establish SEO teams and activities, share knowledge between them and grow our presence on important search terms over time. Lots of upside here!

  • Marketing strategy - plan, build and deliver
    You will be expected to take Otovo’s marketing strategy to the next level . from plan, via execution to delivering results. Make a plan to achieve fast growth while keeping customer acquisition costs reasonable; decide on channels, spend and execution tactics; and build the organization to realize your plan. You will need to be a team player that connects to our product people, understands the facts on the ground for our operations people and is adaptive to the signals from our sales people.

  • Accounts operations - quantify and streamline
    We spend millions of euros on Facebook and Google every year. The operations of this machine is split between our central marketing team and a global agency. You will be free to adjust this setup, and decide on whether we do tasks in house or with agents. We expect you to be quantitatively strong and able to quantify resource spend and value creation. Doing so will ensure trust and budgets to expand the marketing activities, as investors are eager to see the funds they provide being put to good use.

  • Data and insights - connect, automate and create advantages
    You will interface with our tech department to make sure the user and price data that exist on the platform is connected to our marketing spend, target groups and use of channels in an optimal way. Ideally we will over the next years be able to automate the flow of data from users and installers on the platform to how marketing gets done. In doing so we aim to unleash many more of the advantages we are sure we have gained in being an early, smart and tech supported player in the solar business.

Environmental impact

The world needs more clean energy.  At the core of our business idea is that Otovo’s products and services should have a positive impact on the environment. Otovo is committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and will actively use our position as the leading solar platform in Europe to impact implementation of actions supporting these goals. We believe in taking direct climate action.


  • Quantitative and experienced in exploiting data for marketing accuracy.

  • Able to both experiment and build lasting value through learnings.

  • Strategic mindset. Mental capacity.

  • Able to execute and be hands on.

  • Experience of building high performing, AAA teams.

  • Passion about sustainability and providing cheap and safe energy for all.

  • Startup/scaleup profile, not corporate.

  • Aesthetic/design eye.

Example candidates:

  1. CMO from game/gambling industry with some brand and strategy credentials

  2. Young ex-founder with prior background from management consulting who’s been hands on in marketing and accounts

  3. Experience from high growth consumer app companies as well as multi-regional e-commerce companies


  • Location: Oslo (relocation package)

  • Likely to do most hiring from scratch

  • Scandinavian employer values, including family friendliness, extended parental leave (31w for each parent), flexibility in schedules, and an equal and democratic work environment.