Senior Software Engineer: Solar Sale Team (Oslo)

At Otovo, we want clean and local energy in every home. As one of Europe's fastest growing greentech start-ups, we're determined to make that dream a reality.

Otovo provides homeowners solar panels on their roof and we use software and technology to make solar energy easy, cheap, and available everywhere.

  • We make solar easy by providing tailored offers by visiting our website and entering their address. No need for home visits.

  • We make solar cheap by providing a platform where installers compete on price and quality to get assignments.

  • We make solar available everywhere by quickly expanding our platform to new markets all over the world.

We have come a long way since launching in 2016—you can find us in Norway, Sweden, France, Spain and Brazil and we won't stop expanding.

We need your help

The consumer team's mission begins on our home pages where people check their roof's potential with a few clicks. Otovo's sales agents customizes offers in a matter of seconds using the tools we make. We do everything in our power to make it easy to go solar.

Now we need your help to level up.

As a Senior Software Engineer on our team, you'll help us further improve the customer experience, across different countries and cultures. Scaling up will be a big challenge, and we'll do it efficiently together.

You have experience from working with Python and JavaScript.

We'd prefer you to have few years of experience, but an enthusiastic spirit willing to learn fast can compensate for the amount of years. We code in Python and JavaScript, and are using Django, React and Next as our primary frameworks. We code on Mac or Linux machines with Visual Studio Code, PyCharm or vim.

You have an eye for system design.

Our team make haste slowly, and strive for both high velocity and quality. We know when to make trade-offs. We're fast, and make sure what we build is maintainable over time and scales as we grow. We often disagree, and that's one of our strengths. As a Senior Software Engineer on our team, your contribution to system design and architecture help us balance on this narrow path.

You want to work with online conversion.

We improve our products and way of working through trial and error. You'll be working closely with the team's designer and product manager, and you need to have great empathy for the users. Our work is seen by consumers everywhere so details matter. We code with quality and strive to make our user interfaces loved. We constantly run variants of our interfaces to understand our users, and to improve conversion.

What's in it for you?

You'll get to be part of our journey. We still have much to learn, and we encourage bold attempts and risky experiments. Otovo is a puzzle to work on and a riddle to solve. If you like that, you'll like it here.

The product team is located in the main office in Torggata, in the middle of Oslo. Help yourself to free lunch in the kitchen or head out into Oslo's main food street.

We enjoy being together in the office, and are open to working from home when you need focus time.

Here's some more of what we offer:

  • More solar panels = less global warming. You have a chance to make a meaningful contribution to our world.

  • You'll work with enthusiastic colleagues that are passionate for their fields and eager to learn.

  • Great pension and insurance coverage.

  • We take care of your internet and phone bills.

  • Hardware budget where you're free to pick your own gear.

  • A lot of flexibility when it comes to working hours.

  • We'll help you out if you have to relocate to Norway.

Hiring process

Update your CV and submit your application. If we think you could be a good fit, we'll start an interview process that looks like this:

  • First interview - informal first meeting with potential future colleagues.

  • Technical interview - working on a technical problem together.

  • Third interview - meeting up with colleagues outside of the product function.

If all of the above checks out nicely, we'll call a reference that you provide before we send you an offer. The whole process should take between 2 and 3 weeks.

There's no time like now—submit your application and help us make the world transition to renewable energy 🌅